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Why it is recommended to hire a Professional Voice Over Artist to represent your product or company

Most times you may have one opportunity to make a first impression to present your company or product to a potential buyer or client. Even if it is the message that is recorded on your answering machine, or an online video promotion which is communicating your message, it is imperative that the voice representing your company is professional, trustworthy, friendly, and or conversational.

With today's technology, many people will plug in a microphone into their computers and record into basic recording software and hope for the best. Unfortunately this often leads to low quality sounding recordings which the customer can easily pick up on.

Large companies who have successful brands never come up with their own concepts for their commercials, radio spots, or logos. They hire professional add agencies to come up with the branding concepts which last generations; therefore, why would you want to become the very voice or face of your brand as you may be to close to your own product and potentially lose a lot of clients along the way.

Why it is recommended to utilize a Professional Voice Over Recording Studio.

The number one sound killer when recording is simple background noise in our everyday lives. This could be children playing outside, a plane flying overhead, a dishwasher, the air-conditioner, or even the sound of electrical current if recording near power cords. Most often than not, our brains unconsciously block out these background noises; yet, the sensitivity of microphones never miss or fails to record these sounds as we record.

Professionally engineered and built Voice Over Recording Booths (Studios) not only block out all of these unwanted background noise, it also dampens and absorbs voice over recordings to soften the voice when recording.

Voice Over Recording Software

There are a myraid of choices to use for voice over recordings which include but not limited to: Adobe Audition, Sound Booth, Audacity, Garage Band, Sound Track Pro, etc. Every voice over talent may have their own preferences, and certain pieces of software may work with different microphones better than others. Sometimes it may depend on costs of the software and what bells and whistles each system comes with.

I personally like to use Adobe Audition as it is designed for Voice Over Artists, as it has many tools which can be utilized for scrubbing and the removal of inadvertent background noises or voice Sibalence.

By using a professional voice over talent to represent your company will create a great first impression, attract more customers, build trust, and ultimately build your brand which will make you more profitable in your endeavors.

Hiring a professional voice over artist is not that expensive, and will save you a ton of time, energy, and money, while you can keep focused on building your business!

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