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Today with the internet along with a myriad of audio editing programs, new market segments are being created overnight and old ones improved upon. The use of a Voice Over Professional for narrations, commercials, video voice overs, e-learning, audiobooks, training videos, phone systems and video gaming systems are small examples on how the industry has changed overnight.

The advertising industry has reinvented itself and how it reaches customers to feature companies products and services. The days of television, magazines, radio, newspapers are quickly going by the wayside as Facebook, Google, and other online media giants are now attracting advertising dollars. How often do you browse the internet without seeing a pop-up video or add which you have to watch before you get to the information that you have searched. Behind a majority of these adds you will hear a Voice Over Professional representing these companies.

People now have trained themselves to speed through the internet looking for instant gratification of searched information without wasting time on filler words or meaningless information. This is why it is so important to be impact full with your message through the use of a Professional Voice.

Consumers are connecting more with a unique sound; yet, wanting to connect with their neighbor next door. People are no longer connecting with the proverbial 'Pitch Men' whose techniques are often associated with a strong sales pitch.

Textured voices which have a unique sound and quality have become more and more popular. As a voice over professional, I fortunately have a sexy, textured voice; and I focus more of my attention on my attitude and emotions when I record.

Have you ever wondered why reality television shows have become so popular? It is because many of these shows feature real people like you and I, where we can connect to these people because they are going through very same challenges that we go through each and every day.

Hiring a Voice Over Professional can make the difference in setting your product or service apart from your competition, while building trust in your brand resulting in more sales.

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