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Stacey Paige Female Voice OverWith today's technology, people have trained themselves to zone out or ignore advertising campaigns. I am sure this is no small part to do with the internet, and giving users the ability to essentially skip advertisers video messages as they attempt to market their product and services. In this environment, it has forced companies to either bombard us with additional commercials in an attempt to hit a saturation point, or become very creative with their messages so that it leaves an impact on the listener / viewer. I am sure that businesses and marketers are frustrated with people's selective attention spans; yet, this is our reality. It basically comes down to a numbers games! The more times that business can reach a potential target audience, the more possible chance that people will take action on a purchase of their product.

Over the past 5-6 decades, TV for the most part has taken center stage in the ability to attract advertising dollars. The visual representation on the television has been the main staple of selling products. Now that the internet marketers and search engine giants are attracting more of the marketing dollars, the day's of having a recognizable actor selling a businesses wares have dwindled. One major factor which if often overlooked or even recognized in online marketing is the voice talent who is doing all the talking. You know, the voice behind the video images or animated graphics.

Now, you may hear a voice you recognize instead of seeing their faces on the television. How many times have you heard Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter, Sam Elliott, Jeff Bridges, or Zooey Deschanel, voice in animated films or commercials. Probably more than you think! All of these actors and actresses have distinct voices which sell. Yes, I said that, voices that sell the very products which we will buy. Advertisers are becoming more and more creative in an effort to infiltrate our sub-conscious where we make our buying decisions from.

So I guess the next real question here is............Who are the marketers trying to target, and who is doing the buying? Let there be no mistake, in my household, I do all the food, clothes, and general household purchases. Heavens for bid if my husband went to the store with enough patience to last more than 20 minutes. Advertisers know this also, because we want to shop more than the male species.

Women by nature trust other women more than they do men. A woman will tend to come across with more comfortability and trust making other women feel relaxed.

Reasons why using a Female Voice is a better way to go for marketers.

Women do more everyday purchasing than men do.
Women trust other men more so than men
Women want to emulate other women.
Women are intelligent without belittling other women or trying to dominate them
Women use their intuition when making purchases



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