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Stacey Paige Voice Over ActorAs I progressed in my voiceover career, I often found myself trying to alter my voice to sound like what I thought the role was supposed to be, or what I thought a casting director or producer might be looking for. When I deviated too far away from my natural voice and register, I found my bookings started to diminish for the amount of auditions I was auditioning for.
I hired voice over coaches, sought the advice of industry professionals, bought new editing and sound equipment, all in an effort to improve my marketability to book more jobs. At the end of the day, I already had all the right tools to succeed in my voice over career when I went back to my core and natural sounds of my voice. It was then when I learned that I only had to focus on refining my own voice versus trying to copy or emulate others in the Voice Over Industry.
When I submit auditions to Voice 123 or Voices.com in my home recording studio, I will often submit two to three different voice over samples to potential clients or producers. In the first read, I will give them what they are requesting while still focusing on keeping with my natural sound and register. The second and third submissions, I may speed things up, or slow things down, or I may come across with a little bit more cheer in my voice, or a sultry and alluring sound. This will obviously vary based on what the audition is for. There have many times that I will throw in something which will peak the curiosity for the listener which may open up their own creativity in the process. I have even landed Voice Over Jobs with producers when they know that I can deliver a wide range of voice over styles.
When I went back to my roots and accepted the fact that I have a unique sound, I found that I started to book more Voice Over Jobs and essentially became more comfortable in my own skin. So the next time that I start to deviate to far away from who I am, I will only have to look in the mirror and remind myself that I am damn good version of me!

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