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Since the advent of YouTube, and the popularity of how consumers are looking for information on the web, video voice overs have now become an essential element to clearly communicate your message, tag line, or product to attract more potential clients. Utilizing a professional sounding voice will create a strong brand which people will be able to trust and indentify with.



Sungevity Video Voice Over IFLY Seattle Video Voice Over  

Narrative Video presentation explaining the advanges of  
solar electricity.
Instructional video for progression of flight for indoor skydiving.

 Helmonics-2 Master Card Video Voice Over   
Personalized Health Care

        Credit card services for students with prepaid
        credit cards. 
 MealsOnWheels                               Retaliate1st                          
 Meals On Wheels                                                       Retaliate1st  

Addressing senior hunger and isolation.                             Produced by Jorge Lega, OneKindTV


Ford-Foundation                                        CHOA

 Ford Foundation                                             Children's Hospital of Atlanta

Advancing human welfare.


Dell's Smallest Business Class Laptop


Produced by Aminal Productions

The use of video voice overs can be as easy as embedding an .mp3 voice file within a power point presentation, or as in depth by utilzing a professional production company for commercial broadcast use. No video project is too large or too small, and I can greatly assist you in all your voice over needs.

If you are looking for a female voice over talent with a rich, textured, and a lure of sexiness for your next video project; then you have come to the right voice over artist. Feel free to send me some copy, and I will gladly send you a free sample .mp3 file so you can hear how it will sound and work within your video! Let's create a project together!                 

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