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Douglas Spotted Eagle
Grammy/Emmy Recipient
Managing Producer - Sundance Media Group
Providing compelling and unique voicing is always a challenge; yet, Stacey Paige always is able to deliver with a variety of cadence, timbre, and power. In short, she is very versatile. With such diversity, Stacey has saved me time, money, and energy in my production work.

 Sydney Owner
3 Ring Media Services 

I decided to create an instructional video that I can send to my resume clients. Naturally, I felt that using a Professional Voice Over artist would help create the brand and communicate the message that I wanted to convey to my clients. I was referred to Stacey Paige by an associate for her voice over services. Stacey's voice is captivating with a bit of seductiveness as she worked very quickly and efficiently.

Stacey's energy is contagious and makes something as mundane as resume edits sound more exciting than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I highly recommend her for any and all your audio recording or voice over needs! 



Lysa Adams
Marketing Director
IFLY Seattle
Stacey Paige's voice is unique, professional with a lure of sexiness about it that keeps you listening to the content no matter how often you hear it.
She is easy to work with, always delivers on time and get's it right the first time with voice inflection and feel you are looking for. 

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