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Unfortunately I spent a whole lot of time going to auditions only to be let down time and time again because my voice was not refined to the point that I was landing all the big jobs. That’s when I started to focus in on hitting singles each and every time I went to bat.
I then turned my attention towards landing jobs which would help me refine my voice through doing jobs for real estate agencies for online virtual tours, phone systems, video presentations, and local small businesses. With a large part of my focus now geared toward smaller jobs, it actually helped me land the big jobs when they presented themselves. Why do you ask? I became more comfortable with my recording capabilities, register, confidence, and gave me a virtual playground to expand my talents in new directions by just working more.
Auditioning for big jobs is always exciting and nerve racking at the same time; yet, with more experience comes confidence, and with more confidence comes more jobs. So the next time that you have a friend, or a local business wanting a small voice over job; take the opportunity to accept a job, as opposed to just waiting to land the big ones. In the big picture, it will only help you become a better voice over artist.
If you have any questions regarding improving your voice over technique, please feel to call me at 213-864-9364, or send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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