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Why a Female Voice may be a better choice for branding and marketing your business

Stacey Paige Female Voice OverWith today's technology, people have trained themselves to zone out or ignore advertising campaigns. I am sure this is no small part to do with the internet, and giving users the ability to essentially skip advertisers video messages as they attempt to market their product and services. In this environment, it has forced companies to either bombard us with additional commercials in an attempt to hit a saturation point, or become very creative with their messages so that it leaves an impact on the listener / viewer. I am sure that businesses and marketers are frustrated with people's selective attention spans; yet, this is our reality. It basically comes down to a numbers games! The more times that business can reach a potential target audience, the more possible chance that people will take action on a purchase of their product.


Removing Mouth Clicks

Removing mouth clicks and using the Autohealing feature in Adobe Audition 5.5 is something that I utilize quite frequently in my Voice Over Recordings. In this tutorial, I discuss how to remove unwanted clicks in post along with the Auto-Heal Feature

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Being Comfortable in your voice

In the many years I have been doing voiceovers, I have learned that I have a unique voice which is textured, sexy, and often alluring. My natural sound and register in my voice are the very elements which afforded me the opportunity to book national brands early on in my voice over career. 
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Childrens Hospital of Atlanta

I often wonder if what I am doing will make a differnece in others peoples lives through my voice over work. Often times, I am contacted with just a script to read with little or no direction from a producer or client, and too often than not, I never see the end result of my work. I recently received a link to this video which was for the Childrens Hospital of Atlanta from my agent.
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Voice Over Singles

One of the most important aspects that I like to focus on in my voice over career is hitting singles on a consistent basis versus always swinging for the fences. When I first started my Voice over career, I thought it was all about auditioning with agents in an effort to land the big national SAG job which would pay me loads of money.
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