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When is the best time to Voice a Voice Over Recording?

I am often asked when is the best time to voice a voice over recording for my clients. It would be quite easy to say a certain time of day, or when there is a full moon out; yet, there are so many factors which can affect your voice, that nailing down a certain time of day you sound your best is not quite as easy as it sounds. 


My mood has one of the biggest impacts upon how my voice sounds when recording. When I am happy on the inside, then my voice naturally comes across as if you can hear the smile in my words. On the flip side, if I am upset and my energy is down, my voice can come across with a sullen inflection with a deeper register. If Im tired from a lack of sleep, then I can hear it in my voice when I am editing. Very often than not, I may be the only one who can hear the small differences in my voice; yet, I feel as if I am my harshest critic when it comes time to producing the best voice recordings for my clients. 

Energy Levels:

My energy will ebb and flow throughout the day and can vary day by day, hour by hour. Sometimes I feel like I have all the energy in the world as soon as I wake up, while other times I may feel a bit sluggish in the morning from a lack of sleep and need an hour or two before I start a recording session. Sometimes my energy levels are soaring like an eagle when I come home from an exhilarating day, and sometimes, I am dragging. 

Food and Liquid intake:

I find that the healthier I eat, the better my voice sounds. I vividly recall growing up and hearing my parents say “You are what you eat”. I now know that this saying could not be more true, even though I thought my parents were crazy and did not have a clue what they saying as I was enjoying a Big Mac. When I eat a healthy diet consisting of a lot of natural foods, vegetables, and fruits, my whole body is healthier including my voice. 

I am also very conscious of my liquid intake. I personally drink a lot of water in an effort to keep properly hydrated. Hydration is the number one element which will give my voice over recording a smooth sound. I also notice if I drink too much coffee, then my voice will sound just a bit jittery or choppy when I am recording. Before recording, I like to drink a warm natural tea which coats and lubricates my throat. 

The most important foods / drink to avoid prior to voicing a voice over recording are foods associated with Dairy. Dairy produces mucus which come across nasally when recording.


I keep a journal  each and every day and write down how I am feeling prior to recording in an effort to find the consistencies in when I am voicing at my best. When I see consistencies, then I have the formula on how to replicate the best sounds in my voice over work. I keep my journal simple as I am monitoring and finding out my own ebb and flow. This is how my journal looks like:

Calendar Entry  for Voice Over

The important thing to remember is that our moods, energy levels, food intake, and or time of day can have big impact on how your voice can come across when recording. By tracking your own flow through journaling will definitely help in not only creating consistency in your voice, but it could give you the small edge that it takes to book your next client.

Stacey Paige Hamilton

Female Voice Over Artist

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